The Tommy

If you have some of Tommy's art, or photos of Tommy, or even a tale of friendship, please send them in to be added to this website for the enjoyment of the rest of Tommy's friends and his family.

If you don't know how to scan art or photos, or don't have the equipment, you can take them to Kinko's or a similar store and they will scan them quickly and for very little cost. Please have them scan at 300 DPI, and save at the highest possible Jpeg level, then e-mail them to me at:

Please include a few words or paragraphs about your encounters with Tommy, the circumstances surrounding the art or pictures, sitting down by the river or up on the bridge and having a conversation with him, anything at all you feel like sharing.  I'll convert your text to the html language of web pages and add in your pictures or photos, if any, then add your name to the contributors on the previous page, linked to your own separate page tribute to Tommy.

Another way to contribute is in webspace, if you have any you can spare.  You'll note that only a few of Tommy's drawings can be clicked to enlarge to the full size 300 DPI scans; this is due to limited server space and bandwidth.  If you can spare a megabyte or more of hard drive space, please let me know.  I'll get the enlargements to you so you can place them on your available webspace, then send me specific URLs for each image, and I'll link to them directly from this site.  The whole process will be transparent to visitors.  We'd love for everyone to have access to all of Tommy's scans at the full 300 DPI.

Thanks for your time, and please enjoy browsing the rest of the site.

The Raven.